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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am so surprised at how many of my fabrics have pink in them, it isn't until I go out to specifically make a boy quilt that I notice.

I know boys can have a bit of pink - my older boy actually likes pink.

Its just when its a new born baby - I'm always conscious of "boy" colours and "girl" colours.

Its a little awkward when some one takes a peak in the pram and says "oh isn't she a beautiful girl, look at those eyes" and its a boy. I speak from experience. 

Anyway needless to say my new born baby quilts are always very stereo typical in gender colour selection.

Fabric choices have improved substantially - even over the last year. Maybe its a trend thing?  thankfully there are lots of great graphic prints out that are perfect "Boy" quilting fabrics. The text print I used is one of my own available on Spoonflower

Xx Siobhan 

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