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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Magazines, Books & Jam

I cant believe this month has gone by so quickly!......

I've been busily working away in my backyard shed and teaching patchwork in Sydney.
The usual family mayhem has been happening and I'm getting prepared for my trip to NYC!

I leave in a week and a bit and cant wait :)
I was in NYC around this time last year - Hopefully its not as hot and sticky this time around (first world problems).

The last week has seen lots of happy mail coming through

below are some mags & a book that I have some work in.

A new UK magazine with a story on me :) 

& Erin Burke Harris's new Book with lots of pics of my quilts :) 

I also made some strawberry and vanilla jam ....... The Kids were hungry & I was too busy & running late to take a picture!

maybe over the weekend when its not so hectic I can share my jam & scones recipe....with pictures

Xx Siobhan Rogers


Carla said...

I wonder if we will see those magazines in Canada? I sure hope so

Jolana said...

Oh, it is great!!! Congratulations!

Siobhan Rogers said...

thank you!!

Siobhan Rogers said...

Hi Carla - I'm not sure? they are online as Digital magazines - I get mine from ZINIO (an app for my ipad) Xx

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