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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hi All 

Anyone following me on Instagram will know full well that I have been on a Jam making binge over the last few months.....

I started with strawberries which seemed to be in abundance during our summer and then I moved onto raspberries and more recently in our cooler weather rhubarb and cherries

I love rhubarb

Just saying

The Raspberry, Strawberry & Cherry jams were equal parts fruit to sugar (about a kilo of each) and then a lemon cut in half with a vanilla pod.

I haven't had to use any jam setter in any of my batches yet, I'm presuming my laziness in adding a whole lemon cut in half instead of juicing it has been working.

I've even tried using frozen raspberries and cherries and it works really well.

Saying that though I do intend on using fruits in season from now on making larger quantities and storing it in the pantry.

Currently its Autumn going into Winter here so on my seasonal radar is more Rhubarb (YUM), figs, blood orange and I'm plotting some pears in syrup.....

The beginnings of Rhubarb Raspberry & Vanilla jam.

I had three large bunches of rhubarb that weighed 2.329kg cut into small pieces - 522g raspberries - equal amount of caster sugar (2.851g) - two vanilla pods sliced in half and two whole lemons sliced in half. I left it covered overnight to let the Rhubarb release its liquid.

as you can see the rhubarb releases a lot of liquid overnight.

After about one hour on a slow boil it was ready to jar.

I used old jars and new jars, washed them in soapy water and then boiled them in a large pot on the stove for at least 10 minutes. I also added the ladle and tongs to the pot.

I then put the jars in the oven on a tray upright for at least another 10 minutes to dry them.

I know technically only one of the above mentioned methods are required for sterilisation but..... I don't want mouldy jam.

Once the jars are full and lid on tight - tip it upside-down for 5 or so minutes and then tip it back up again. This will help it seal and stay sterile 

Soooo I wont be running out of jam anytime soon!

Xx Siobhan 

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