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Sunday, April 19, 2015

and then I did all this stuff

Our Autumn school break is just about to end.... Insert sad face.

We drove up to family in Brisbane - where it was a little bit warmer and the ocean temp was a beautiful 25C.

Back home now and to being productive, chasing work and completing work for me, the year is going awfully quickly.

I am also in the midst of booking and planning my trip to Spring International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, where I will be doing a schoolhouse for my book with Interweave and some book signings.

Let me know if there is anything in Minneapolis that I should check out!

also possibly heading to NYC for 3 or so days after market...... not definite yet. Just looking into Logistics and possible trunk show.

My Book is currently available to buy in most book stores and quilt shops - Its only just started shipping in the last week - If they don't have it in ask them to get it!

I also have a magazine bed size quilt pattern in US Modern Patchwork magazine. Its made 100% out of Cotton and Steel fabrics - the back being a lovely soft voile. The long arm quilting was done by Kim Bradley.

I'm off to tend to kids and get ALL the school stuff ready :-/

Xx Siobhan 


Amellia Grosser said...

Hi Siobhan,

I have enjoyed your blog for awhile. I am in the middle of making your big Lovely Liberty quilt, and I am looking forward to the arrival in the post of your book. Congratulations!

I am wondering if you can help me? I have recently moved to Brisbane, can you recommend any good quilting shops?

Thank you.

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thank you Amelia and I hope you enjoy the book!
I havent actually shopped in any Brisbane quilt shops ..... Quilt Jane might be a good resource? Jane lives in Bris and runs a modern quilt group. It depends what part of Brisbane you are in too. I know of a good one on the gold coast - Thats prob not very helpful!

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