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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

another quilt in the pile & a quick plug :)

Another Quilt from the pile

This one was also made a while ago & its been seen a few times on the blog

I wanted an adults king bed size quilt - something modern and monochromatic & again in big thick strips similar to the yellow & grey quilt in my last post.

I used a few different greys and a text print with a sparse white background.

I designed and printed all of these fabrics specifically for this quilt and thankfully it worked out just how I wanted.

I've since used these fabrics in lots of quilting projects - especially the greys.
The grey ties lots of fabrics together nicely - especially when I have used lots of colour in a project

Once I had pieced the quilt together I struggled with how to quilt it, I didn't want swirls or flowers in this one. I wanted to keep it simple. After much talk with many people I decided a hand writing type loopy pattern going straight across would suit.
Thankfully I know a wonderful machine quilter with a clever husband - Kim drew up the scribble loops for me & Dave scanned it in & turned it into a pattern.

When I saw it I was so excited, perfect!

Quilt long arm machine quilted by Kim Bradley creations - quilting in a loopy scribble pattern

very grown up & fresh

& a huge three meters wide!

on the back of the Quilt I injected a bit of colour for fun & used a grey honeycomb for the binding

My Fabrics available on Spoonflower to buy.

This is my recent story on cushions in a local Sydney Magazine Northside, you will find instructions on how to make a cushion with an envelope opening :)

*ignore step number 6 in the article to turn inside out - if you did you would have your nice fabric on the inside!
Not sure how that step got added in! anyway, hopefully people work it out :)

photo instructions as seen in Northside Magazine 15th November 2011

next blog post I'll have some more pictures/ info for the starry night quilt , I have worked out how to embed a PDF! so you will have diagrams & sizes etc if you want to give it a go

Enjoy your day

Xx Siobhan

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