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Thursday, November 10, 2011

starry starry night

I grew up with the Don Mclean song starry starry night, I didn't realise until I was an adult that it was about Vincent Van Gogh - I'm sure I was told at the time, 
but didn't listen .......

I saw the painting a few years ago in Paris - Its one of the few that took my breath away. The colour & texture....... Beautiful.

Why am I talking about Don mcLean? and Vincent Van Gogh??

I decided to call this quilt I'm working on Starry night :)

Its made out of Flannel

Its colours are beautiful, bright & muted - the flannel gives it a fuzzy cloudy kinda look

I imagine come the cooler months when a chill is in the air it will be the bee's knee's to cuddle into

and finally

Its a bit trickier to piece than I anticipated and driving me crazy :)

I rarely use one whole fabric range in a quilt - Usually I mix it up.

This time I'm using purely Anna Maria Horner's "Folksy Flannel". I bought a fat quarter bundle from Pink Chalk over 18months ago.
I may add in a bit of the new LouLouthi flannel range if I need to, the colour range looks similar & I think it will mix in nicely

I've tried to alternate pink & blue backgrounds/ stars

I have 6 stars completed - 3 more to go

bit of sashing then I'm planning on hand quilting it all together

back to sewing !

Xx Siobhan

-Recipes for spinach pie coming :)

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