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Monday, March 26, 2012

Once upon a time - My very first quilt

When I had no idea how to sew let alone quilt .............

going back 12 or so years I fell in love with fabric & quilting.

I walked into a quilting shop to casually look and came out with a pile of fabric!

with no pattern or concept or even any real sewing skills I went ahead and created my first quilt. 

Its very rough - but at the time I was extremely pleased (how embarrassing! look how crooked it is!)

I quickly learnt the basics and haven't looked back.

Its a favourite in our house, its usually lying somewhere. Its been washed so many times its falling apart.I was folding it for the 20th time - trying to pretend my house was neat & tidy - and then I looked at it properly. 

It actually had a good basic pattern to it. 

I had been struggling with an idea for the Girls new quilts, I didn't want anything to complicated , but I was also tired of doing framed squares.

the girls current quilts

I'm fickle with bed linen, I get tired of seeing the same quilts & sheets on the same beds, I like to change them with the season. I also like to wash them alot! so I stick to simple & quick.

With an abundance of lovely fabrics hitting the stores, it makes it incredibly easy to create a beautiful quilt in a short amount of time.

 I collated a pile of fabric with yellow/pink/navy & grey

very fitting for an Australian Autumn

The centre fabric is from CLOTH Fabric, It makes a lovely feature.

Its not exactly the same as the original quilt, I did make a few changes.

I'll be dropping it off in the next day or two to my long arm machine quilter - Kim Bradley - and with her final touch it will be the new favourite & inject a new bit of life into the girls room.

I'm sorting another pile of fabric as we speak to make a matching quilt with similar (but not the same)fabrics. 

I want the same quilt pattern but different colours - the girls are going through a faze, one cant miss out but also heaven forbid if they have the same..........

Xx Siobhan

1 comment:

SameliasMum said...

Oooh I like it. I need to make some new quilts for the kids beds. I get sick of seeing the same old too.

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