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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All in the bag

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter long weekend - It was beautiful Autumn weather in Sydney, perfect for eating :) 

I've been making bags again.....
I'm waiting on the go ahead on some quilts and happily making myself some smaller projects and testing out some skills in the mean time.

I loved the green corduroy bag I made in my previous post and whilst admiring it I was wishing it was leather...

Then thought to myself - how cool would a leather version be with Liberty lining!

and so a week later here we have it
a leather bag with Liberty of London lining made by me - I'm a little bit over excited about this project!

I used the Amy Butler Nappy bag pattern again.

and sourced my leather from 
NSW Leather Co in Sydney, Australia
with their advice I bought some really soft sheep skins ($25 each) - I needed two to complete this bag. I went for a nubuck feel with a ostrich finish effect.

The Nappy bag pattern is cut in two whole pieces and the strap is included, If you wanted you could have more cuts/ joins to use less material. 

I was a bit impatient and dove straight into my leather sewing - I did buy a leather needle and upholstery thread. The needle was great but the thicker thread kept getting gobbled up by my machine so I switched to a polyester sewing thread instead. 

I used my standard plastic foot on my machine which seemed to work fine (although did struggle at times) and had my walking foot engaged.I own a PFAFF Expression 4, which has a built in walking foot.If you own a different type of machine it might be worth using a walking foot?

I read somewhere that a teflon foot is good for sewing leather? If I make another bag I'll look into that a little more.

I had to adjust my stitch length all the way up to 6 - I usually sew on 2.5 for piecing and around 3.5/ 4 for quilting.
Make sure you do a few practice runs on the leather off cuts first.

The lining is Liberty of London Tana Lawn - the red Liberty Fabric was bought last October 2012 in London at the Liberty store its from the seasonal Tana Lawn range.

For the inside pockets and the outside pocket I used the off cuts of Liberty Tana Lawn that I had used in the Green Corduroy bag from the last post.

Leather and Liberty!

I LOVE it :)

Have you ever sewn with Leather?

Any advice or links to your projects?

I'd love to hear from you and see what you made

Xx Siobhan 


Jessica said...

I absolutely love this bag! Haven't sewn with leather yet but definitely something I want to work up to. Thank you so much for sharing you leather source, I wouldn't have known where to start looking. Liberty lining is the icing on the cake.

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thanks - I am slightly in love with it ! which is funny - I'm trying out a Teflon foot tomorrow - ill let you know how it goes :)

patty a. said...

I have sewn with leather a lot. I use to work at a shop that make custom clothes for people who showed western horses. I sewed Jackets and chaps on my Pfaff 1475 and I used a teflon foot which help on the smooth side when topstitching. I also used a rubber mallet for pounding open the seam allowances. Don't pound too hard or you could distort the seams. I think you purse is great!

Amanda Kattner said...

I love your interpretation of this bag. Pretty!

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thank you :) Xx

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thanks - I was given a Teflon foot to try out today - ill see how I go !

Amy Prior said...

Love it love it love it really highlights both the smooth leather and the coloured fabric inner in perfect balance! xox

Siobhan Rogers said...

Hi Amy! No idea how I missed your comment :-/ but Thank You!

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