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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What started it all

Its getting colder in Sydney the Autumn has well and truly set in, I'm getting out all the quilts and blankets.

This quilt caught my eye today - my youngest daughter claimed it for her bed. She has no idea of its significance or its history.

This is the quilt that started my love of fabric and quilting.

When I was 5 my Grandmother took a quilting class and had to make a sampler quilt, I ohhed and arghed over the fabric and pattern - It was love at first sight and being a child I insisted it would be mine. 
Luckily Nana agreed.

I happily watched the process - each week checking after her class that progress had been made and then like lots of nearly finished projects it was folded up and put in the cupboard.... all forgotten

fast forward to me being pregnant with my eldest child, Nana reorganising her house and the finished quilt top resurfaced! 

I remembered it and still loved it so Nana finished it and gave it to my eldest when he was born (he is now 13yrs) 

It's still in perfect condition and very used and incredibly loved.

I hope some of my quilts end up with my grandchildren one day. 

Xx Siobhan 


Carla said...

I'm quite sure they will be fighting over them ; )

SameliasMum said...

It's beautiful and special because it holds dear memories for you too.
Yes, I'd love for some of my quilts to be handed down to future generations.

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thanks & I'm sure your right!

Siobhan Rogers said...

Ha! I think your right - best start making sure I have tags on them all so the four kids behave and share :)

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