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Monday, February 14, 2011


 Way back in another life when I was being interviewed for a spot in my Photography course I remember feeling very confident of my abilities, I then remember getting the letter of acceptance and thinking "Oh No! now they're going to realise I'm no good....... blah blah blah". 
Oh course I was fine and I then got a job as a cadet photographer. 
I later changed my direction and transferred to a Degree in  Social Work, which again was great - I Studied hard worked hard and loved my student placements. When I got my first real job in social work which I loved and had been striving for my whole degree - The feelings popped up again "what will I do when they find out I don't know what I'm talking about" etc etc.  

I was thinking all this through as I was ironing my quilt top - I was laughing at how I still don't consider myself a quilter and when asked if I'm a quilter I respond with "oh not really". I also tell people I cant sew - go figure? 

Anyway my point of all this Impostor talk and how it started was actually this Quilt.
It's in the shape of a Union Jack - but it's not a Union Jack, as I was ironing my quilt that I designed/Cut and had Sewn together I though of all the people I know and what they have accomplished  - Not many of them would recognise there own abilities. Funny really..........

So it appears I am a Quilter and I can sew :)

Here are all my recent Union Jack Impostors

*note the spotty dog
This one I finished today, I'm calling it my Convict Union Jack - It has the last bit of my text fabric I designed and printed and then mixed in with some linen and white. It's king size and has a nice big overhang.

*and also the spotty Miss 4yr

That's it from me Xx

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Relevant moments said...

yes, you are indeed a quilter.

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