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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Gosh I've been very distracted - I think its the cold weather..... Maybe, or too much time on twitter and flickr. 

On another note 

I've finally got my Liberty Top together - Hooray! I do really really like it. 

I've always loved Liberty it's a very special brand & Fabric. I love lots of Fabrics, but Liberty is special to me.

It reminds me of London and history. I'm a history buff - I love all things pre dating 1800. Not just English history - all history. I called my daughter Beatrice based on my favourite book Playing Beattie Bow by Ruth Park - I lived and breathed that book as a 9 year old. History is better than any fiction (although I read lots of that too).

Anyway still have to make my Quilt back and this one will be machine quilted - its rather large - hopefully you'll see it done with binding in the next few weeks.

Onto the next project

Xx Siobhan

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