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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Round and Round

Instead of sewing my little liberty squares this morning as planned - I headed out into the great outdoors.

I'm very lucky to live in a beautiful part of Sydney that is very close to both the Harbour and lots of Bush, we also have some fantastic buildings and spots that I now pledge to show you. 

Instead of my usual lazy pictures of Quilts and progress in my backyard - I'm going to show you round the streets of my town! 
Honestly with the business of life and family I don't get out much, this spot is only a five minute drive from our place - we really should come here more often, Its so peaceful and beautiful and free :)

and much nicer pics to be taken as well!

I currently have 6 of these squares done, only 14 more to go......I have all my cutting done - so not too much more to go.

Beautiful Sydney Harbour on a lovely Autumn day, I'm on the north side. This is where we go to watch the fire works on new years eve, Its not so peaceful on new years eve but still  an amazing view.

Four of the Liberty squares, eventually it will be 4 squares across by 5 squares down - a nice double bed size.
I have 20 different liberty materials and the aim is to try not to have anything similar too close.I want it to be very eclectic.
Lets see how I go. 

I think this is my Favourite combo of Liberty Fabric so far.

The thing with Liberty is - it is a very diverse range, Liberty seems to go with everything. I'm yet to see Liberty look bad, except maybe a 80's dress that I owned - thats more to do with the design than the fabric admittedly.

I'm looking forward to finishing this one and I will keep you posted.

A very clever friend in Ireland designed and printed this bag and I begged for one to be sent to me in Sydney - Its enjoying its life in Sydney as you can see, Thanks Gav.

and ME! 

You may or may not have noticed that most of my titles elude to a song - I like the idea of Life having a sound track - I have a song for most occasions. Most of my song choices pre date the year 2000. Every now and then a newish song sneaks in but I tend to stick to the old goodies. 

Here in Australia we are celebrating Mothers Day on Sunday. Best wishes to all the Mums out there and hope your kids give you lots of kisses cuddles and hand made cards. 
Take care and enjoy 
Xx Siobhan

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