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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A picture tells a thousand words

Especially if the picture is actually of a thousand words. 

Although I do think that the images speak for themselves - they show a complex idea far more simply than I could ever explain.

Loopy Quilting
Patterns are all well and good but I'm lost if there is no picture to go with it.I need the two together (pattern and picture).
One better than that again would be being shown how by a real person.

This beauty of a quilt is King size and only took less than a day to put the top and back together.
I then had it Machine Quilted (long Arm) by Kim Bradley. 

Want to learn how?

Calico & Ivy Balmain are taking names for one day workshops and Quilting tuition.

I'm a big fan of TEXT  
I love the statements you can make with text.  

Fonts and patterns are a big favourite of mine and fit in with Quilting beautifully, shapes/ movement/ placement - are all what make Quilting great and why I love it.

So many options and not enough hours in the day :)
This King size Quilt is made from material I designed and printed on Spoonflower, Its available to buy.

Quilt Back

This type of Quilt would suit so many different Fabric ranges not just my Text Design. King Size Quilts can be daunting and often people only make cot or single bed size - I challenge you to try something bigger, Make a quilt for your own bed - I did and I love it

Xx Siobhan

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