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Monday, September 5, 2011

Indulge me :)

I'm reminiscing.

Having a flash back to the 90's

I should be finishing projects and cleaning/ packing for overseas.
but no...... 

The kids found one of my old University books yesterday in the shed, I've been looking for this book for ages!

Way back a life time ago I studied Fabric Design at the College of Fine Arts New South Wales & this was one of my subjects.

It has all my recipes in it for Vegetable dye. I knew I still had it - would have been handy two years ago when I needed it! and I was teaching a group of Yr 5 kids about dying techniques.

I loved it so much, its got me inspired to do some more fabric work. 

I've been pouring over my workbook - its brought back so many ideas and basic skills I had forgotten about.

It will all have to wait - I leave for London/ Venice/ Florence/Paris on Monday.

At the moment on top of my list is finishing sewing projects, I have a pile of quilts to bind and other projects to finish.

I'd like to come home to a clean creative slate :)
especially now I have an itch  to make some fabric and new quilts.

a few more cloud pillows for the kids to finish before I go - they are hot property in our house, very comfy.

 I also thought seeing I'm on the topic of me & the 90's - I'd show you a few non fabric related things that I love in my house that have lots of memories :)

I have piles of stuff all over the place, the hour glass is from Paris, the marble bowl is a present my mother gave to my grandparents when she was very young and the little bowl full of rocks & shells is all the places we have been and things the kids collect. The Celtic cross is from Ireland. The photo is of me - taken by my husband way back when I was 18 years old.

Boxes from Paris, whistle belong to my husband when he did a short stint in the navy, little cup is my husbands christening cup.
the plates are from my cousins grandmother when she was doing a clean out a few years ago & my husbands grandmother (she is 101 yrs this year!)

the rock is from a beach holiday & my mother brought it back for my son aged 5/6 who at the time was rock crazy, spiral of three from Ireland - bought on my trip overseas when I was 22 years old.

This bowl is from a Gallery I worked in in Dublin way back in 1997 - I cant remember the name of the ceramic artist but I love it, I have a matching rectangle plate in one of the pictures above.
The art work behind is a work made out of layers of paper and hand coloured it depicts a fabric shop in Vietnam.

I have so much other "stuff" all over the place collecting dust, but every little piece has a story and some special place in my heart. I guess that makes me a hoarder!

I'm off to try to complete some of my to do list.

Xx Siobhan

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