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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enough room to swing a cat

For a long long time I have dreamed of having my own creative space & now its become a reality! 

Its still a work in progress - a few final finishes and external painting to do....

but Its about time for me to start filling it up with all my stuff & start doing some work.

I've spent the last few weeks procrastinating watching it all be built instead of knuckling down and getting things finished.
I anticipate another week of mucking around with my fabrics and rearranging things before any real work starts happening.....

Although thats not a luxury I have, I have a few deadlines to finish before I head away for a week in New York City early September.

Yep - thats right - I'm heading to NYC!

I have a few work meetings & hoping to see lots of fabric/ quilty stuff too.

I'd love any advice you might have :)

A quick bit of info about the studio fit out 

The walls are painted in- Taubmans Crisp White

The Wallpaper- Abigail Edwards Owls of the british isles 

Light fittings- From Freedom Furniture

The bench was made by my Dad and painted the same colour as the walls, the bench top is Corian bought on ebay.

The black wall was painted with Murobond Pirate chalk paint & the lounge is from Freedom Furniture

of course this is about the cleanest its ever going to look!

I'm sure there will be lots of photos taken once I fill it up and start using it.

I also have lots of "stuff" to fill you in on over the week.
Like a few new ranges of fabric I have gotten my hands on & some exciting happenings at CLOTH Fabric

Hope you all had a great weekend 

Xx Siobhan

1 comment:

Kristin Rauch said...

Oh my goodness! It is amazing.

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