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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The happy Juggle

I'm revelling in making "stuff" at the moment.

I'm happily going between projects and being extra productive. My list for today includes

1- Vintage quilt, showing off up-cycling at      its best, a coming soon blog post.

2- A patchwork project for publication

3- writing up class instruction/ schedules for classes Im teaching in my home & confirming spots

4- ordering fabrics

5- emailing final measurements/ instructions for quilts being published X 3

and finally

6- making this quilt! pictured below

Its for a friends Master just turned 2yrs who is going into a big bed!

The brief was fun & bright

I'm sort of going by a quilt pattern I did along time ago - It was actually my first published quilt.

Although it looks like lots of piecing - it actually comes together really quickly, Its a nice project to have going in between serious work. 

Every time I get a bit over what ever I'm doing - I'll sew a block of this together. 

I forgot how much I like the random little squares

Fingers crossed my productive mode continues!

Xx Siobhan

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