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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lost treasure

Amazing what you find when you clean up.

I've spent the last few days sorting cupboards and moving my things into the new shed - or my new house if you are talking to Miss 6yrs.

Anyway I came across two sample panels I had made over a year ago for Better Homes & Gardens magazine that never ended up being used - long story - but to do with change of colour theme etc, that sort of stuff happens a lot with lifestyle publications......

So I decided to turn them into little baby rugs and get some use out of them!

I did these a little bit like a cushion - sewing the two right sides together and then turning them through the right way. 

Doing it this way means no binding and a baggy kind of quilt. 

To keep it together I have sewn all around the edge in a 1/4 inch seam & also a bit of stitch in the ditch (which I very rarely if ever do)around the squares.

This particular one is going to a school family that have just had a baby boy & the second one will be kept in the pile ready for the next friends baby.

More treasures coming up over the week!

Xx Siobhan

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