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Monday, October 8, 2012

Schools back!

Once upon a time I could do work whilst the kids were home on holidays - something changed these holidays. Not sure what...

anyway needless to say not much work was done over the last two weeks

I'm sure if i had this conversation with my nana she would have told me they have worms and I should give them all cod-liver oil.  

Maybe I should have.....

really I think they just desperately wanted all of my attention - Thats what I get for galavanting off to New York...

Just as well they went back to school today as Kim had two of my quilts ready to be picked up and I needed to finish them.

Quilt number one is a baby commission

quilt two is being couriered to the USA for photography and quilt market in Houston.

and if your my Down Under Dolly Quilt Partner - expect this in your mail box in the next day or two :))) cant wait to see what my partner made me!

Xx Siobhan 

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