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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Taking the air

Work, kids and family logistic can make it very very hard to actually talk to people. I might see them fleetingly or text daily but to actually sit for hours and talk...... That rarely happens.

I was fortunate enough on the long weekend (Queens Birthday in Australia) to catch up with friends that I haven't quiet been able to have a conversation with for sometime or so it felt.... and the country air and beautiful scenery didn't hurt either

I feel refreshed and ready to get some work done. Friends are good for the soul.

of course I packed the boot with quilts! Im never one to miss an opportunity.

Pictured below are two courthouse step quilts - both a little different in pattern widths and colours but similar construction. 

One of the patterns is in US Spring Modern Patchwork magazine (top quilt) and the other pattern is available  at Spotlight stores in Australia (bottom quilt).

and below my Wild Horses quilt and Kisses and Hugs quilt from my book By The Block - available in lots of places, ask your book shop or library to get it in if they don't already have it.

If your after more pictures from my weekend away check out my Instagram pictures or Facebook

Siobhan Xx

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