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Sunday, February 19, 2012

If at first you don't succeed

try again.......... and maybe again

I have blogged about these or had pictures on flickr, but I have never really made a fuss about them - because they aren't perfect.

It took me two wrongs to make a right!

this being the first go

I struggled with this one because the fabrics I chose - I only had a very little amount of, It was very tricky trying to work out the angle/ squaring off & cutting with out wasting too much of the precious fabric.

So although pretty and a nice colour combination - a big fail on the angles

 attempt two

I had plenty of fabric this time! I had learnt my lesson. But this time instead of trying the same size I upsized to a single bed. 

The issue this time was trying to square off the large segments - and again I got the angle wrong!!!!

It seemed so simple to achieve - yet it eluded me yet again.
I do kind of like this one - Its currently on My older boys bed, but every time I look at it I see how it could be so much better.

by now you would think I'd be over it and give up? 


I persevered. 

Third attempt

and finally got it right!

This one is mega king size

Its still not perfect ;) but good enough!

have you made any Union Jack things?
post a link if you have 

Xx Siobhan

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