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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

not quite Nigella

I've just had a birthday!
some might think its odd that I made my own Birthday cake .....

but not those that know me well, they wouldn't blink an eye.

I love baking - I'd do it every day If I could - but alas I cant. So when a good reason comes up - like a birthday, I bake!

I wanted a huge lush knock out cake & something the kids would eat.

I have cooked Nigella Lawsons chocolate pavlova  countless times over the years - everyone loves it. 
The only tweek I add is instead of dark chocolate I use Toblerones.

I have often made it and wondered what it would be like layered almost like a Dacquoise

For this three layered version I double the quantities of Nigellas recipe.

Balsamic Vinegar & Toblerone

whipping up my double quantity of egg whites


I spread the mixture out fairly flat because I wanted it to turn into a flat disc. 


for the layers I made a 

chocolate mascarpone cream

Beat one tub (250g) of Mascarpone with a beater until soft
add 100g grated dark chocolate
1tsp cocoa
add to that 300ml of whipped thickened cream and mix till combined 

The top is covered in whipped thickened cream, I always add a touch of vanilla essence & sugar to my cream

then whatever seasonal fruit is around

I used Strawberries, figs & blackberries

It was a lovely evening & lovely Cake
enjoyed by all!

and today the cake is even better

 and its today's lunch !

on other news
the painting at our house has been done, so my sewing machine can come back out!

I'm busily sewing up some cushions with fabrics I have designed on spoonflower

little sneak peak below ;)

next week is my daughters birthday, she has requested a cheese cake

I'd love to hear about your Favourite cake!
leave a link below

Xx Siobhan

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