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Monday, February 13, 2012

Trash or Treasure

Recently our area had a household rubbish collection, We had a huge purge of all sorts that had been stashed in cupboards/garage & shed for far too long.

I've also been reorganising the kids rooms, some of their furniture had been with them for a while and was showing signs of "use" - one of our children who will not be named ;) had a penchant a few years back for writing her name - everywhere!

This table was destined for the throw out pile.

I then felt a bit guilty, Throwing out a perfectly good table just because it was a colour I no longer liked and had some 4yr old graffiti on it - That didn't seem a good enough excuse. 

Especially since I was looking at replacing it

The plan was to sand it back a bit - find some paint in the shed & voila new table!

The plan changed ever so slightly after a trip to Murobond paints where I spied some chalk paint, $38 later......

so my old awful table has turned into a pretty cool chalk table top with white legs

now all the kids want one......

what else can I paint..........

Xx Siobhan

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