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Monday, February 27, 2012

Jar of memories

I know its been done a million times before and like many fads i'm a bit behind......

but how cute is this Jar of shells and rocks!

Every year for the past 6/7 years we have gone to a beautiful beach on the NSW Central coast and we have a great family holiday. 

The year is so full with family and work commitments that it tends to be the only time of year we are all together.

My kids love fossicking - we let each one of them collect only a handful of shells/ rocks each trip (otherwise we would end up with the contents of the beach at our house.

So this little jar is an accumulation of 7yrs worth of holidays.

This morning at breakfast the kids had a good ole reminisce about holidays from years past - It was lovely & not at all what I expected.
Sometimes kids can be very sweet.....

Jar bought from IKEA

and here we have a bit of a look at some cushions I have been working on, a big and proper reveal of the whole collection will come soon!

I'm hoping for a lot more sewing next week, the renovation is just about over, paperwork has been done, another childs' birthday this week

 Then I need to crack the whip and make a few baby sized quilts

Xx Siobhan Rogers

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