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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Block Beauty

Here you go

This is the quilt in the latest Australian Quilters Companion, Modern Quilts Special

it should be in store in Australia soon

This Quilt is a big one - measuring 84 X 108 inches

In my picture its on a king Size Bed,
in the magazine its on a queen size bed.
This is a re sized big version of an old block - the Courthouse steps

Its a great pattern for using up all your bits n pieces of your stash or even finally making that quilt out of your old favourite dresses and vintage fabrics. 

My Quilt is very bright and bold using a different colour for every block and for the neutrals I have used variations of white with grey text/ print.

If your looking for Text print fabrics or plain neutral backgrounds - I have some in my Spoonflower store.

So many variations are possible with this pattern!

the magazine also has a 4 page story about me and pictures of other quilts I have made :) 

the lovely quilt on the cover is by Cathy Underhill from Mt Martha Victoria, Australia.

The other projects are by
Brenda Gael Smith
Jenny Pedigo
Cynthia Muir
Jen Carlton Bailly
Charlotte Dumesny
Bill Kerr & Weeks Ringle

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Xx Siobhan 


Suzanne said...

Great quilt - I'll have to keep an eye out and see if the magazine turns up in NZ.

Siobhan Rogers said...

thanks :) the mag should eventually make its way to you - hopefully Xx

Nova Flitter said...

It's SO lovely Siobhan! Happy New Year to you x

ps - your styling shot wins my heart over the pic in the mag ;)

Teri said...

Love this quilt. I have a big block quilt on my wish list for this year. But first, I need to take care of unfinished business (alias UFOs)

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thanks Nova :)) and so far a great new year - hope your enjoying your new year too

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thanks :)) I have a few UFO's too ......

Carla said...

So gorgeous! I love this

Carla said...

Okay, it finally let me comment again. Hurray!

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thank You :) Glad you like it & sorry my blog commenting is being temperamental - I appreciate you persevering!

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