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Friday, December 14, 2012

stop to smell the roses

Gosh time flies!

I made this quilt back in June this year for a Modern Quilts special for Australian Quilters Companion.....

and finally today it landed in my letter box!

Thanks Claire (Editor) :))) 

the magazine should hit the shelves during the next week or so - its worth a look and I have some very fine company :) 

 I read a newsletter recently by Denise Schmidt and she talked about taking a second to congratulate yourself and note all your achievements in 2012, she noted that life and work can be a whirl wind and we need to take the time and be still to think of all we have done. 
Its funny because of the type of stuff I do I can often forget to stop and appreciate my work - I'm usually too busy chasing or trying to finish the next "thing" and I mostly work 6-12 months ahead of anything going to print. I love what I do and I am incredibly lucky that I get my work published.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, makes my quilt patterns, takes my patchwork classes and sends me emails.

It means so very much to me and keeps me going in the work that I love.

Tomorrow I'll try to get a few better pics of the Quilt in the Magazine article and get some links up!

Here's to a very interesting next twelve months :)))

Xx Siobhan


Pat Sloan said...

i wrote about TIME today too! http://blog.patsloan.com/2012/12/pat-sloan-seriously-is-it-really-.html

Siobhan Rogers said...

I just read it! so true - Must be December - gets us all thinking Xx

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