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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its a disease......

last week I was helping out with my eldest boys high school cookbook publication - I was admiring the stylists amazing collection of linens, lace & props.

She declared that it was a disease!
I knew exactly what she meant....

when you collect things - its never ending.
I love so many things - fabric, art, ceramics, nature. The list is never ending and I'm always re arranging stuff all over the house.

Its funny how we all acquire bits and pieces, every piece has a story.

What do you collect?

I'm a bit rusty with my photography skills or lazy - not sure which one!
I've decided to put in a bit more effort & I've been practicing today! 

plates pictured here are from Anthropologie & the bowl is an oldie from my collection

The Geodes are from FAO in NYC 

The large vase is from Summer Florals

twine is from Murobond &
twigs painted by my Ms 10

Cross is from Shades of Pale

I'm off to do some quilty work 

Hope you all have a wonderful week

Xx Siobhan 


Carla said...

Such a pretty post.

Siobhan Rogers said...

Thanks Carla :) Xx I'm loving greens & bluey purples

Carla said...

Help! I can't for the life of me comment anymore! Wish I could leave new ones, but it just won't let me ; (

Siobhan Rogers said...


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