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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deck the Halls

I'm in Decorating mode - Finally

I'm still not very organised but slowly slowly things are happening

I'm attempting to work out my Christmas cards etc - Lets see how I go and If I have time to print them and send them .....

Time is not on my side!

especially when I add up all the things to do on my list

On a more interesting note - most mornings we have had a knock at the door delivering something I or some one else in the house has ordered late at night online - today was an order of Apothecary candles that I ordered on the sale site Temple & Webster. Absolute bargain. 

I love these candles and they look and smell divine. I think I'll be right for candles for a while.... 

I should be giving them as gifts - but they are hard to find and I really like them!

Here is proof I am actually doing Quilt work too!

Hopefully I'll have it done and it will be live soonish - I've been asked to do some online tutorials for a online craft resource....

Its all a bit top secret like most things in the publishing Biz.


Look out for the Australian Quilters Companion who have a Modern Quilts Special coming out mid December 2012 - I have some stuff in it. 

I'm off to untangle Christmas lights

Xx Siobhan 

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