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Friday, June 10, 2011

freshen up

I've been ploughing away on two quilts for two different magazines and another project with a magazine that has a set colour story for a feature - which two weeks ago was very exciting, but now I feel I'm in a bit of a creative rut.

 Sooo I rummaged through my stash and broke out some new colour, It's done me the world of good, different colours different patterns and some fabric I have been waiting to use.

 All refreshed and ready to go back and finish the important works and meet my deadlines.

hopefully then Everyone will be happy.

Helps if the camera is set to colour

I went with half triangles in two fabrics.The linen and smiley is Heather Ross and the circle dots I bought recently at Calico & Ivy in the Balmain Sydney store, I also bought the same fabric in a purple and yellow - very nice :)

It's nice and gentle yet has a  bit of colour

I'll keep going with this one over the weekend and see how big it gets

on another note here is more of my Spoonflower designed fabrics. This one is printed on a white cotton canvas and has a dark grey repeated pattern, great at matching in.

I'm off to revel in my productive mood

Xx Siobhan

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