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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On a roll

With the cooking bug,

I'll do anything to not do what I actually am suppose to do :)

always the way.....

I have grand plans now to make pickles & chutney  & curry paste for christmas presents

On a serious note - being a mum, I am expected to cook dinner every day (most days...)

& after being away in Italy/ France for 3.5 weeks I'm more enthusiastic than usual about the whole cooking thing.
I remembered that cooking can be fun and my kids are actually eating it which is encouraging.

Last night my littlest one Miss 5 wanted to make Basil Pesto - which is very easy and no real cooking involved

I dont really have a Pesto Recipe, Its one of those ones that I've made so often that I do a lot of guessing

The Pesto I made last night made about 3 cups worth 

it had

2 big bunches fresh Basil
200g Pine nuts - lightly toasted
150g Wedge or so of Parmesan cheese
6 cloves of Garlic
Good quality Olive oil

The kids pick off all the leaves for me and place it into the food processor whilst I toast the pine nuts in a pan, peel/ crush garlic & roughly cut up the parmesan. 

Its then all thrown together in the food processor, the kids whizz it & I pour in the olive oil till it looks like the right consistency

Hay Pesto!

The serve last night made Pesto Spaghetti (two packets of spaghetti) for four kids and three adults with some left overs for Mr's lunch. Last night I added some grilled chicken to the pasta - other nights it might be salmon or prawns, Pesto goes with most things.

I have one jar left and in the fridge for a snack or maybe to have later in the week on steak.

When I say good quality olive oil - I mean a olive oil you would use in a salad or similar, because the pesto isn't cooked you want your olive oil to taste nice.

I have friends with an olive oil label Cintra Estate its very yummy & lots of restaurants use it.

 for a salad olive oil I'd go with a gold colour like above and with cooking - green or cheaper is fine. 

But like I said above - go with what tastes good. Its a bit like wine - just cause its expensive doesn't mean you'll like it.

Anyway I'm off to finish binding quilts and
plan my next project

Xx Siobhan 

also thanks to

for commenting & leaving a link :)

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