Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lone Star - Full Instructions :)


Just a quick one

I thought I would re - post a link to the Lone Star instructions

I've had a few Q's about it.

The above link has all the posts from start to finish in it.

One thing to remember which I don't mention in any of the posts - Angles! 

If you make a bigger or smaller diamond the angle may be different, I'd recommend cutting out four diamonds in paper and making sure they fit together???

& dont forget when you piece angled pieces you need to off set it! thats explained more in this post.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the Lone Stars! post them in the Lone Star Flickr group

& here is a link to my Scrappy Quilt post

Both quilts are still with the long arm machine quilter - Kim is currently in Houston! lucky her - she got to go to the Quilt market.........

Maybe next year I'll get to go :)

Hope all is well
& any Q's let me know

Xx Siobhan

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