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Monday, August 8, 2011


 so you should have all of your diamonds cut & ready to join them

lay out your Diamonds into the eight leaves (one leaf is four cut diamonds as above)

one leaf

sew two diamonds together 

when joining triangles and diamonds (or any shape that is angled)you need to give a 1/4 inch off set allowance, or bunny ears - thats my technical term :)

if you look at the image above the two diamonds don't join up, I have off set it (staggered).

and looking closely at the above image, my needle is starting exactly where the axis point is of the two off set diamonds (confused?)

the image above shows a little bit better what I'm explaining, see how the 1/4 inch seam sits perfectly at the axis?

and once ironed its all lined up and perfect, with one little bunny ear sticking out.

join your two sets of diamonds together, again it needs to be 1/4 inch off set as shown below

and if you look at the middle we have bunny ears!

one leaf complete! only seven more to go

keep going until all eight parts of your star are done!

but don't join them together yet!
we have to work out our fabric for the spaces first!

Thats coming next :)

don't forget to have a look at flickr and see what everyone else is doing

Xx Siobhan

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