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Saturday, August 6, 2011

long line + short line = Diamond template

or something like that

I've used a rather large diamond for this Lone Star Quilt, and its actually really easy to draw up - even for the mathematically challenged like me (I am incredibly mathematically challenged)

It doesn't matter what size diamond you use in this quilt-along/ pattern. If you use a bigger diamond your lone star will be bigger and vis versa.

This is the size I will be using

draw a short line 6 1/4 inches long

one line 6 1/4 inches long

mark the middle of the short line, and draw a long line 14 1/2 inches long

now you have a t, fill in the sides and presto!

one perfect diamond

not so hard? 

any size diamond is fine - as long as all sides are equal. That way when you go joining everything all your seams match up.

In celebration of my Maths & my oldest Boy scoring a try in U11 Rugby and today also being the last game of U10 Netball for the year! 
(not my best idea to coach 12 young girls in netball......)

I'm cracking open my tea I bought in Paris last October and I found some dark chocolate hidden on top of the fridge. 

I was hoping to watch my Audrey Hepburn DVD's specifically Roman Holiday but alas Its no where to be found! 

I'm off to Rome in Sept!! & Florence & Venice & Paris & London

and yes I know - I'm having milk in my earl grey tea!! many a person has scorned me for such habits :)

Hope your weekend is looking as good as mine :)

Xx Siobhan

- After thought
remember with quilting especially this kind of large pieced lone star that any fabric is good. I love making quilts out of old sheets or special old kids clothes. 
Opportunity shops can be great for old dress fabric too.
Quilting doesn't have to always be new fabric. 
I like vintage :)

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Tammy Tillman said...

Thank you so much new to quilting but I saw this pattern and couldn't for the life of me figure how to make you are a blessing.

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