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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lone Star

I've been promising a lone star for a while now..........

I have finally created my pattern and made my templates

I'm making this lone star a nice n simple one for starters.

The finished size will be 50 inch X 50 inch.

My Diamond is 8 inches on all sides.

I need to ask my IT whizz how to link my PDF file - if you want a template to print
If you cant wait for my diamond - create your own in any size. 

I've gone for a large diamond because I want to do some hand quilting and I also like the look of the fabric - I wanted to show it off.

I'm using 8 different fabrics - you will need around 3.5 yards all up.

You will need to cut 32 Diamonds to make this lone star. lets deal with the edge bits and boarder later.......

Lots of people have different ways of cutting diamonds - I find it easiest to do as above & below

I'm playing around with the lay out at the moment

 Next post I'll show you how the lone star is pieced

Lone stars can be tricky - but only as tricky as a zig zag

This sized lone star will come together very quickly because of the large pieces.

 Which makes it a good quilt to try as a beginner.

I've started a flickr group for the lone star Quilt.

Please add pictures of anything to do with the process - from fabric your thinking of using to cutting technique. 

I'll be around if you have any Questions

Xx Siobhan

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