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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A day in the life

I had a pleasant start to today

the kids were unusually happy and calm getting ready for school/ pre school today. 

Breakfast of scrambled eggs n toast - even time for me to froth milk and make them a hot drink.
Lunches full of good stuff (I went grocery shopping last night) and off to their respective places. Not one yell or whinge from me or them :)

and I think because they were all so lovely - I actually miss them today, It seems very quiet.

I've been pottering away running errands - One being to find truffle oil, who would think that was so hard???
and I finally picked up my much needed fabric to finish my Lone Star back ground - so expect a post soon on what next :)

whilst home I decided to start putting some more quilts on ETSY, so keep an eye out over the next day or so as I add them.

This quilt being the first to be listed.

I must be in a daze because I put my coffee down to find the measuring tape. Measuring tape found - coffee lost, I live in a small house. Things like that shouldn't happen!!

I do love this quilt - but more room must be made :)

and I know I will make other quilts - hopefully many others

Xx Siobhan

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