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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas - Better late than never ..........

Christmas traditions 

Every year since I can remember my mother made Rum Balls for Christmas.

The last few years its been up to me.

Except this year..... I had the cakes baked & ready - I just ran out of time & didn't finish them off!

anyway - better late than never? right?

No recipe for these - its just been learnt over time

The first few are always a bit wonky or rustic!, I'm slowly remembering how I did it a whole year ago!
I'm also remembering how I seem to get chocolate - Everywhere!

I'm off to make about 100 more rum balls......

and then get stuck into a few quilty/ crafty projects that need starting/ finishing before I set off on our family holiday early Jan 2012

Hope you had a happy Christmas
Xx Siobhan

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