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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jack of all trades

Its a crazy time of year, thank goodness all the school/ preschool commitments are finished & now just Christmas to contend with

In my little world Im doing lots of bits & pieces

a long time ago I made these little panels up
I have finally framed them :)

I'm also printing lots of cards with my pictures 

because things are so chaotic I just hung the framed panels without much thought, for now they will live on the back wall.

I'm planning on doing a few more over the holidays, Its nice doing something small & manageable. I'm on a mission to only start projects I can finish. 

I'm still ploughing away with my hand quilting on the Starry night quilt, not much longer and it should be done.

because we are renovating furniture is everywhere its all a bit crazy but
we are finally fixing up the back of our house, 
which means living with a bit of mess.

I'm off to eat some chocolate!

Xx Siobhan

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