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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Heat = Slow

Well I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas  - Ours was the usual busy mayhem, but much enjoyed and the kids more than happy. I think I enjoy Easter more, is that very Bah Hum Bug of me?. With School finishing and having our summer break, then shopping and preparing for christmas food and the usual kaos - Im very happy to sit down on the 27th December and Relax, possibly read a book? and add to that 30c + weather. Ok I'll stop my complaining :)

Above is a Beautiful bunch of Christmas Bush that my Lovely Father gave to me on Christmas Day, The other half of the bunch was put on my Mothers Grave, she passed away 2 years ago - she loved christmas and always made sure we had some christmas bush in the house - Its a nice reminder that Christmas should be a bit more about our Family and friends, My special quiet time on the 27th Dec is a nice time to reflect relax and enjoy my Family. 

On a quilting note the Fantastic Kim Bradley has finished machine quilting my two quilts and I picked them up today - Im hoping to take them with me on our family holiday up the NSW Central Coast to finish off the binding. Must say I am very Happy with Katie's Quilt. I think its fresh and colourful with just a little quirky-ness with the tea cups.

Today is a scorcher at 32c so far and I'm sure as the day goes it will get hotter and tomorrow is predicted at 40c ! Thankfully we have a pool and a big shady tree, so thats me and the kids sorted.

Thats it for me - This Year anyway.

 New Years Eve for me will entail a walk down to our local park with the kids at 9pm to watch some Sydney Harbour fireworks and later a Small beverage with the husband at midnight to toast our year that has been and our year to come.

Love and Best wishes to you all and thanks to everyone who helped and supported me this year (you know who you are)


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