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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Precious ............

I was building this with all the scraps from Katie's Quilt but then decided it looked to good all on its own - so Voila a new quilt front! Im enjoying the idea of just sew things together,  Im usually a bit of a stickler for uniformity. Im very interested to see what it looks like all quilted and with binding...........

and here we have a sneak peak at my current project, using my most saved pink paisley fabric - I bought it about 2 years ago from Tessuti Fabrics and thankfully bought 3 meters worth - but still once its used its used!!!!
It can be sad and exciting using up a Fav Fabric especially when you know it cant be bought again. Im being extra cautious cutting this one - no room for error (I've probably just cursed myself)

I have a terrible (or wonderful) habit of buying lots of fabric for all sorts of projects which may or may not transpire. I know this is a common issue. 
My Nanna has a fantastic sewing room filled wall to ceiling of boxes of fabric - I have a feeling Im headed in the same direction.........

Well here is to a good day - hope all thats on your list gets done, my list keeps carrying over to the next day (and possibly week!)

Im thinking of a quilt along - What do you think?

Xx Siobhan

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