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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can't Keep secrets

Im awful at keeping things to myself, especially when it comes to keeping projects quiet, I get so excited about them that I cant help talk about them or show pictures of them - this is one I have been holding onto for a while. I thought I did really well considering I started the design process some months ago.
 I was going to wait till it was quilted and binding done, but i just couldn't wait.
I designed all the fabric myself and had it digitally printed then designed a quilt to really show up the Text in the fabric.
I Love it and I am very very happy with it. If you look closely the Text is actually the names of my kids and the numbers are their dates of Birth.
I'm going to start making these for people, Custom printed fabric with Text of your choice then made into a heirloom quilt. 

This is the back of the Text Quilt, I added a bit of Yellow to it.
 This one is going to be Machine quilted and I have designed the pattern which is going to be used to quilt it - I'll be very excited to see this one finished.

Im still waiting on one tiny bit of fabric to finish this baby off, I have five squares done, just need to finish and add the sixth square and then it's done!
I have enough fabric to make this one two more times in single bed size, so give me a yell if your interested, usually takes me a month to fill an order. I really like the colour combination in this one.

Thats me done for the weekend - slowly but surely catching up and finishing

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