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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

much better this week

Nice bright winter skies and sun, perfect for a trip on Sydney Harbour :)

Monday 25th July 2011

On another note, my daughter Miss nearly 5 needed a bag for pre school to keep her towel for Yoga (I know thats funny !)

I had some scraps from making my Amy Butler bag back in this post. For the applique I went the lazy way and used fusible webbing and raw edges with a bit of hand stitching.
bit of ribbon for a draw string and bobs your uncle!

bag 1

bag 2

I also made this little lined tote bag for miss 9 to carry her important stuff, apparently miss nearly 5 cant have something made for "only" her - apparently that would imply I only love miss nearly 5 and not miss 9. 

Who knew thats how love was measured?
obviously not by all the home made food/ time I spend reading or positive encouragement I give :)

I've had a few emails about my fabric - you can get them at Spoonflower
Its mostly text fabric. I like to mix the text fabric in with the patterned fabric I buy and grey always goes with everything.

I'm teaching my first beginners class at Hobby Sew tonight!

and dont forget to sign up for the one day workshops at Calico & Ivy


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