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Monday, January 16, 2012

Lazy Susan

I havent used a packet cake mix for a very very long time, lots of reasons - but usually because I have a stocked pantry and have no need for them, Its not hard to mix a bit of flour/ cocoa/ sugar together....

Coming home after being away for two weeks and remembering that christmas & new year happened just before I left - My pantry is bear!
Whilst shopping for lunch for the kids (no food in our fridge)I spied the Donna Hay range of packet cakes.

I had friends coming in an hour for afternoon tea. The pretty packaging sucked me in and for $7.99 AU I bought it! Twice the price of your average packet cake mix.

I was dubious - I like my own brownie recipe & my recipe is really easy just a melt & mix in one bowl affair.

Once home and the kids sorted with lunch, I poured my packet cake into a bowl added the melted butter & 2 eggs mixed with a wooden spoon as per instructions and I felt it was a bit dry, it was more of a dough - brownies should be a wet mix in my experience.
With that I added 1/2 cup of milk to the mixture, I would have liked to add more but I didn't want to push it and end up with a gloupy mess.
To add my own "thing" to it I added dollops of cream cheese to the top. If I had any food in my house I would have mixed orange rind into the cream cheese to add a choc orange flavour to it (YUM)

Lots of other yum flavours that can be mixed into the cream cheese to add a bit of an extra zing - raspberries,vanilla & sugar, cinnamon etc

If you wanted to do tricky swirls on top - all you have to do is add a touch of milk to the cream cheese and beat it so its more malleable. 

any way here is the brownie straight from the oven.

crisp on the outside

solid but gooey on the inside

not bad ??

I would suggest eating them warm from the oven, I cant give any information about how long the freshness lasts or what they are like at room temp - because they are all gone!

Happy eating

Xx Siobhan

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