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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Liberty strips - Part one

You will notice that most of my quilts are simple piecing, I don't have the attention span or time for complicated piecing - I love the look of complicated works! I just don't have the patience in "me" at this stage of life. 
I have busy little kids around me who at times can be demanding.
On the other hand I love craft and I love creating 

I keep a few more difficult projects on the go, I have some paper piecing and I like to hand quilt - but these get put away a lot to make way for the quick satisfying achievable ones.

Patchwork and Quilting doesn't have to be tricky maths/ calculating and piecing all the time.

This quilt is destined to belong to a new baby girl that a friend is having very soon.

A baby quilt is a good example of something that should be simple.
If it's one that you intend the family to use then it is going to be washed a million times and thrown all over the place.

I still had some 3inch strips hanging around after making my Lovely Liberty quilt a while back, and I had been hanging onto them for just the right project.

I joined 15 strips together, I could have left it at that - but I wanted it to look a bit more bitsy and antique looking.I like a good scrappy quilt.

to give me the effect I was after I then cut the quilt top into 4 inch strips, as you can see below

mixed them up a bit, I use the rule of random - what ever ends up together was meant to be! I don't worry too much about the same fabric being in a row.

I then joined it all together again! 

now it looks a bit more scrappy!

This process took me about 1 1/2 hours,in between looking at my emails and chatting to my dad. Not bad for a baby quilt top.

The fabric is lovely - which is one of the reasons the simple pattern works. Later down the track I'll try it with some solids and we can compare? I still think it would look great, but I'm curious non the less.

My backing and wadding are ready, next I'll show you how I will quilt it.

Xx Siobhan

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