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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lovely Liberty

I'm on the cover of Down Under Quilts Magazine in Australia !

well my quilt is :)

Down Under quilts Magazine #151 is now available to buy

I am extremely partial to liberty, I use it a lot. This particular quilt is ALL Liberty fabric! its so very lovely and soft.

The full story & pattern for this quilt is in issue #151 of Down Under Quilts

These two pictures where taken in the Liberty of London Store in October 2011

when I'm not in London (which is often, as I live in Sydney Australia) I buy my Liberty fabrics from Calico & Ivy Balmain
Its a lovely shop I highly recommend it.

This Lovely Liberty quilt had been on my mind for a while, it had been drawn and colour mapped on and off for a few months.

Then once I felt I had the right variance of colours in my fabric I dove in and made the top. It pieced together very easily and quickly. It's a nice simple pattern.

and on the back I used a shot cotton with a strip of pieced liberty remnants 

for the binding I also used liberty, its so nice to sew. Liberty binding is perfect.

Lovely Liberty, Liberty Love

Xx Siobhan


Deb said...

Can you purchase this pattern still. With the change in publishers I can't get a back issue ordered. Thanks

Siobhan Rogers said...

Hi thanks for commenting - I think you can still buy a copy? https://secure.creativelivingmedia.com.au/store/magazines/down_under_quilts/down_under_quilts_issue_151.html its in issue #151
Thanks :)

Deb said...

Thank that site worked. The ones I tried had not. I have been looking for something to do with the latest liberty line and your quilt inspired me. Thanks

Sent from my iPad

The Coffee Lady said...

I can't seem to be able to get this pattern anymore - Have you any plans to release it here?

Jennifer Smart said...

I lived around the cnr from Calico & Ivy & miss it terribly! Can you recommend a similar Sydney shop or somewhere I can buy Liberty fabrics over the counter? I love your quilt, it's on my 'to do list'! Thanks.

Siobhan Rogers said...

Hi Jennifer

I miss C&I too.

I have been buying online .... I try to support local but its hard when its not stocked!

Tessuti usually has some http://www.tessuti.com.au/

failing that




Siobhan Rogers said...

sorry! not sure how I missed this message......... Its on my list to do - I've given all my patterns to a graphic designer to get pdfs done - fingers crossed I'll make them available in a bit

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