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Monday, May 23, 2011


Holy roly, me, oh my, you’re the apple of my eye.

I've been stuck at home for over a week! I've

 had a bit of an old man cough and trying to

 rest up - sleeping mostly so not much has been

 going on in the creative department, thanks to

 my third lot of antibiotics I'm almost back to


No your eyes haven't gone - I forgot to turn the auto focus on :) but I liked the colour and movement. 

 here is what it should look like actually focused.

 I still think it looks like the entry way floor to a big old beautiful house

53 x 37 inches

I used my Pride & Prejudice fabric that I designed and printed on spoonflower and my left over bits of Liberty of London fabric that I had from my previous Quilt.

I used my full 1 yard of fabric in the pride & prejudice fabric.

Its a bright little quilt - I think it would be a lovely addition anywhere, but maybe a cot or stroller blanket or rug to play on?
Very easy to whip up.

It would look fantastic as a Big persons Quilt! 

Now I just have to work out how to Quilt it?

Below I have some surplus & with being busy & having a few projects on the go I know I'm not going to use them.

I'm going to give them away :)

Leave a comment in this post, 
Ill leave it open till Sat 28th May 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

please make sure you make a comment with an email address so that I can contact you if you win the fabric.

There have been some beautiful mini quilts and hand made sewing kits on lots of blogs which would look so pretty with these little bits of fabric.

This is it - all together, lots of pretty liberty and Pride & Prejudice fabric

eight 5 X 5 inch squares in Liberty and Text 

 & lots of little mini triangles (around 2.5 inch X 3.5 inch) in Liberty & Text fabric.

Did anyone guess my song reference ? 
- Ed Sharpe


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Go your own way

It's been chilly! Sydney has well and truly started it's descent into winter. Which I actually love - love boots and jackets/ jumpers and warm snuggly nights. Summer has its perks as well, but I still love a chilly day.

I've started to play around with my Pride & Prejudice fabric I designed and printed with SpoonFlower. I've mixed it with my Liberty of London material stash.

 It reminds me of the lovely floor tiles in great old big houses from another era.

 I'm keeping it very stark with a splash of colour in the middle.

not sure how big this one will get - depends on my patience and how it all evolves. I may add a bit more colour as I go............. 

Xx Siobhan

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Gosh I've been very distracted - I think its the cold weather..... Maybe, or too much time on twitter and flickr. 

On another note 

I've finally got my Liberty Top together - Hooray! I do really really like it. 

I've always loved Liberty it's a very special brand & Fabric. I love lots of Fabrics, but Liberty is special to me.

It reminds me of London and history. I'm a history buff - I love all things pre dating 1800. Not just English history - all history. I called my daughter Beatrice based on my favourite book Playing Beattie Bow by Ruth Park - I lived and breathed that book as a 9 year old. History is better than any fiction (although I read lots of that too).

Anyway still have to make my Quilt back and this one will be machine quilted - its rather large - hopefully you'll see it done with binding in the next few weeks.

Onto the next project

Xx Siobhan

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Round and Round

Instead of sewing my little liberty squares this morning as planned - I headed out into the great outdoors.

I'm very lucky to live in a beautiful part of Sydney that is very close to both the Harbour and lots of Bush, we also have some fantastic buildings and spots that I now pledge to show you. 

Instead of my usual lazy pictures of Quilts and progress in my backyard - I'm going to show you round the streets of my town! 
Honestly with the business of life and family I don't get out much, this spot is only a five minute drive from our place - we really should come here more often, Its so peaceful and beautiful and free :)

and much nicer pics to be taken as well!

I currently have 6 of these squares done, only 14 more to go......I have all my cutting done - so not too much more to go.

Beautiful Sydney Harbour on a lovely Autumn day, I'm on the north side. This is where we go to watch the fire works on new years eve, Its not so peaceful on new years eve but still  an amazing view.

Four of the Liberty squares, eventually it will be 4 squares across by 5 squares down - a nice double bed size.
I have 20 different liberty materials and the aim is to try not to have anything similar too close.I want it to be very eclectic.
Lets see how I go. 

I think this is my Favourite combo of Liberty Fabric so far.

The thing with Liberty is - it is a very diverse range, Liberty seems to go with everything. I'm yet to see Liberty look bad, except maybe a 80's dress that I owned - thats more to do with the design than the fabric admittedly.

I'm looking forward to finishing this one and I will keep you posted.

A very clever friend in Ireland designed and printed this bag and I begged for one to be sent to me in Sydney - Its enjoying its life in Sydney as you can see, Thanks Gav.

and ME! 

You may or may not have noticed that most of my titles elude to a song - I like the idea of Life having a sound track - I have a song for most occasions. Most of my song choices pre date the year 2000. Every now and then a newish song sneaks in but I tend to stick to the old goodies. 

Here in Australia we are celebrating Mothers Day on Sunday. Best wishes to all the Mums out there and hope your kids give you lots of kisses cuddles and hand made cards. 
Take care and enjoy 
Xx Siobhan

A picture tells a thousand words

Especially if the picture is actually of a thousand words. 

Although I do think that the images speak for themselves - they show a complex idea far more simply than I could ever explain.

Loopy Quilting
Patterns are all well and good but I'm lost if there is no picture to go with it.I need the two together (pattern and picture).
One better than that again would be being shown how by a real person.

This beauty of a quilt is King size and only took less than a day to put the top and back together.
I then had it Machine Quilted (long Arm) by Kim Bradley. 

Want to learn how?

Calico & Ivy Balmain are taking names for one day workshops and Quilting tuition.

I'm a big fan of TEXT  
I love the statements you can make with text.  

Fonts and patterns are a big favourite of mine and fit in with Quilting beautifully, shapes/ movement/ placement - are all what make Quilting great and why I love it.

So many options and not enough hours in the day :)
This King size Quilt is made from material I designed and printed on Spoonflower, Its available to buy.

Quilt Back

This type of Quilt would suit so many different Fabric ranges not just my Text Design. King Size Quilts can be daunting and often people only make cot or single bed size - I challenge you to try something bigger, Make a quilt for your own bed - I did and I love it

Xx Siobhan
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