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Thursday, June 27, 2013

How on Earth do you

store all your quilts?

When teaching or generally talking about what I do - The number one question is

"What do you do with ALL your quilts"?

because I do have a lot of them and I do keep making more and more.....

A few have gone to friends or family but mostly they live in my house or studio and sometimes one or two are on display at places that I teach at.


most of them are in my house!

If they aren't on a bed (which we have five of in our house and most beds have two quilts on them) they are on the lounge, hanging on a chair, folded on a chair, in a basket or hanging on one of the many ladders I have collected......

I'm yet to have wall hangings although I do have box framed fabric art works

Quilts aren't just for beds!

How do you store your quilts?

and on decoration/ houses and storage etc I have been pouring over Megan Morton's (Australian based Stylist) new book - I love my room its gorgeous!

I love the book! 

& my kids have been absolutely fascinated with it.

Lots of great ideas. Which will come in very handy when we eventually start our renovation/ extension.

more room for more quilts!

I'll have to get my dad onto making more ladders for me :)

If any Sydney people are interested in a ladder (like the one pictured) 
they are 900 wide X 1800 high, raw timber
and cost $130 AUD
email me :)

I'm off - last day of school today before the winter holidays and I have a million jobs to do 

Xx Siobhan 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Winter Days

Cold I don't mind BUT constant rain ....... 

especially when you have a small house and lots of children.

on the plus side it means lots of lazing around and not feeling guilty about it.

I picked up the latest Donna Hay magazine yesterday whilst standing in a very long queue at the shops - apparently when its raining on a Saturday everyone decides to go grocery shopping. Remind me not to do that again.Ever.

Anyway the magazine had some scroll recipes in it and Voila - Scrolls for morning tea today.

I made the dark chocolate and coffee version.

Super easy and even easier than it should have been because I made my dough in my bread machine. The dough turned out perfectly. 

Now I'm off to tidy the mess I made :-/

Xx Siobhan 

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Shed

Hello !

Today I finished up a quilt and photographed it in The Shed before sending it to its new temporary home - you should get to see that particular quilt in Sept? obviously as soon as its in print I'll be telling you :)

anyway I liked my little set up in my studio so much that I got out some old quilts and re photographed them 

below is the Owl Quilt and the grey and yellow Text strip quilt

I LOVE Chalk paint & I love black

Thats it for now

Xx Siobhan 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

before market - market - after market :)


I've been home for 2 weeks!

It feels substantially longer.... but nope only two weeks.

My Trip to quilt market in Portland was great - overwhelming but great.

Lets go back to a few days before I left ....
Looking at the image below :( Ms 6.
It wasn't fractured - thank goodness - but a very bad sprain :( 
I felt a bit bad leaving behind an injured child.

Anyway on the plane I hopped and 24hrs later arrived in Portland Oregon

a few funny incidents along the way
(only funny now)

One was getting a touch of Gastro :( and spending the first day in my hotel room unable to move - think pain agony & fever. I've never had anything like it.

The other involved my toilet being blocked (happened before I got there) and being handed a plunger by the front desk ..... I at that stage have never ever in my life used a plunger. I had to google it and text my husband. Which gave everyone (except me) great entertainment - even the guys on the front desk, especially when I had to go and tell them I had no idea what I was doing!? and it wasn't working......

between jet lag and my bug it took me a few days to get into it all.

Luckily I had a few people guiding me through and inviting me places - otherwise I would have been completely lost!

Thank you
Sarah :)

and heaps more!

It was great to meet so many people I had read about or chatted with or been instagram friends with


Monica (lovely Monica Xx)

seriously this list could go forever!

anyway - usually on my travels I take a million photos.... Not this trip :(
a few snaps and thats it!

It just goes to show how unwell I felt.

Below are some of my favourites from Market

these are the few pictures I took

Carrie Bloomston from Such Designs
I LOVE this range called Collage with Windham - Its awesome! and all the quilts in the booth were amazing. To top it all off Carrie was really nice. 

and yes thats Alissa Haight Carlton & Jacquie Gering talking to Carrie 

and also in the Windham family was Heather Ross's Briar Rose collection. 
An equally fantastic range and Heather was extremely fun and lovely. I told her I was feeling a little BLAH and she gave me a signed copy of Crafty Chloe for the kids and a million other bits including some goggly eyes because as we all know they make everything better!

here I am below pictured with Heather (feeling a little grey and jet lagged)

The other range I loved and will be hanging out for is By Violet Craft Water Front Park with Michael Miller Fabrics - Great colours and designs

as I said I've been home for 2 weeks and that two weeks has included 

two family birthdays,a 9 yr old party, teaching 3 patchwork classes, starting and finishing a quilt for Spotlight, lots of winter kids sports,some secret projects and doing some school art for my children's school.....

as well as the millions of everyday things!

I'm not complaining - I actually like being this busy :)

It means everything is going well :)

of course we need cake pictures

The top one is a two layer chocolate cake with fresh cream,strawberries and chocolate icing for my husbands birthday.

The cake below is Mr 9's birthday cake which was a triple layer red velvet cake with Vanilla cream frosting! 

and in that time I also emailed the winner of the Craftsy giveaway that I had on a previous blog post

Thank you to all that entered and congratulations to Stephanie in Northern Ireland :) 

I'm off I need to do some work!

Take care

Xx Siobhan 

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