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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wombat Wonderland Blog Tour

Living in Sydney I sometimes bump into Saffron Craig - Saffron is incredibly approachable and full of enthusiasm for what she does.

I was lucky enough to have a peak at the new range Wombat Wonderland earlier in the year and loved it straight away - the pattern/ shapes and colours are wonderful (Wonderful-Wombat Wonderland!)

Anyway I'm honoured to be part of the Blog Tour & hope you like what I came up with

I'm the last stop on the 
Wombat Wonderland Blog Tour!

so far I have really enjoyed everyones projects.

          Friday the 31st of August Katia of Plushka
made some incredibly cute softies

Friday the 7th of September Toni Coward of Make it Perfect
made a gorgeous children's bean bag pod & Cute summer dress

Friday the 14th of September Amy Gunson of Badskirt
made an amazing little baby outfit

Friday the 21st of September Katy of I'm a Ginger Monkey
made some very chic scalloped bunting & a cushion worth stealing

 and Now it seems its my turn

Friday the 28th of September Siobhan Rogers of 
Bespoke Quilts

I had the Wombat Wonderland fabrics sitting in my studio for a while - I like to look at fabrics and imagine what they can be.
I like making quilts with large piecing - its a nice way to show off great fabrics.

Above is the range of fabrics I had

I wanted to add in some solid coloured fabrics and make it into a large single bed quilt.

 My youngest Ms 6 has fallen in love with the Wombats and requested they go onto her bed.

This is the mix I ended up with 

To start with I framed some squares, randomly placing the solid colours and Wombat Wonderland prints.

I made 20 squares all up

It looked fine - But I wanted to mix up the colours again and decided to use a pattern I did a little while back called Eton Mess 

& Voila!
one finished large single bed quilt top

Its currently at the long arm machine quilters having the lovely final touches done.

I'll keep Saffron posted about the finished product - I cant wait to see it quilted and on Ms 6's bed.

I'm eyeing of the Blue Sunrays fabric or the garden stripes as the binding - maybe even both? 

Hope you enjoyed everyones creations & Thank you to Saffron!

Xx Siobhan 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am so surprised at how many of my fabrics have pink in them, it isn't until I go out to specifically make a boy quilt that I notice.

I know boys can have a bit of pink - my older boy actually likes pink.

Its just when its a new born baby - I'm always conscious of "boy" colours and "girl" colours.

Its a little awkward when some one takes a peak in the pram and says "oh isn't she a beautiful girl, look at those eyes" and its a boy. I speak from experience. 

Anyway needless to say my new born baby quilts are always very stereo typical in gender colour selection.

Fabric choices have improved substantially - even over the last year. Maybe its a trend thing?  thankfully there are lots of great graphic prints out that are perfect "Boy" quilting fabrics. The text print I used is one of my own available on Spoonflower

Xx Siobhan 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sydney Spring time

Just a quickie :)

I couldn't resist snapping a few (or alot) of pics today. The Sydney sun is out and the weather is warming up.....

and productivity is at an all time high - thankfully after a few hick-ups with jet lag last week.

I have a few projects that need designing/ finishing.....

on the wall of the shed at the moment is a quilt I'm making for Saffron Craig's new range Wombat Wonderland - my turn on the blog hop is the 29th September. I'm a bit worried because I'm the last in the blog hop! and everyone else has done a fantastic job :-/

anyway - I'm off. 

I need to pack my basket for teaching at Hobby Sew (Top Ryde - Sydney) tomorrow and fill the ladies in on my NYC adventures!

Fingers Crossed the weather keeps up

Xx Siobhan 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

NYC - Train trip to CT to see Denyse Schmidt

 I'm HOME !

I've been home for 4 days..........

The jet lag hit me pretty hard - I taught on day 2 of being home, I'm not sure I was coherent...  My students put up with me - which I am very very thankful for :)

I saw so much on my quick trip to the US - my mind is still buzzing

One of the more interesting & exciting things was catching the train up to Bridgeport CT and seeing Denyse Schmidts studio

I meet up with Julie - who is extra lovely - she showed me some of Denyse's lovely quilts and around the studio.

Its truly amazing to see everything in the flesh!

The Quilts looked beautiful in real life, its amazing to be able to see things that I have looked at a million times in books.

The current Schedule for DS Studios is crazy - Denyse is booked up till 2014, with a possible trip to Australia...... Lets hope that one comes to fruition! 

- If your looking to catch up with Denyse or do one of her workshops have a look at DS Quilts for times/ dates.

below are some pictures - I was so over whelmed I didn't take many pictures at all...
I saw lots of quilts one being the Flowering Vine new pattern that has just come out. 

Thank you to Julie for spending the morning with me - talking about quilting and showing me lots of wonderful things in the studio - I felt right at home & it was Lovely to meet and chat with Denyse! truly inspirational business women and I look forward to what DS Quilts come up with next.

Not the most stunning picture of me, but its with Denyse - so I had to post it!

Next post I'll write about my visit to Jersey City to see Windham Fabrics 

Xx Siobhan

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New York update

A few more pics from the last few days - I'm on a laptop and its hard to upload pics etc

I've had a few interesting meetings - when I'm home I'll write more about them :)

The weather is stinking HOT!
dont let the grey sky fool you - Thats a steamy haze......

I have one more day in New York before I jet home - Looking forward to seeing my kids & Husband :) 
and getting stuck into lots of WORK

Statue of Liberty

Ground Zero - Workers

Times Square NY

New Jersey

Windham Fabrics - Jersey City

Windham Fabrics - Jersey City
Bridgeport CT

Denyse Schmidt Quilts - Bridgeport CT 

Xx Siobhan

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here I am in NYC

Hot n Sweaty Hazy Day

not many words - absolutely spent after hours of walking.

Xx Siobhan

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