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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pompom - tastic

Hello ! I snuck in a little making time today, another project thats been hanging around in my shelves waiting to be made ..... 
I created these picture panels way back in 2012 using Spoonflower . 

I used a few pictures from Paris travels as fabric panels, I've had a few scattered through my house for a while 

but this particular panel that I have named after the street it was photographed in "rue de buci" needed a little bit extra and on and off I have been keeping my eye out for pompom trimming and hadn't found anything.......

that is until yesterday when I was at the Sydney Quilt and Craft fair.

No Chintz had a booth and a few things caught my eye, namely the pompom trimming they had for sale - 3 meters ending up in my bag..... 

I love it. I want to pompom trim everything.

I used a heavy weighted linen/ cotton blend fabric for the back with a chunky blue zipper. I ran the zipper along the stripes for something a little different.

Looking at the collage below you can see I pinned the trimming to the top of the front panel with the pompoms facing in. I pinned it all the way around so that I had the spacing of the pompoms right in the corners.

I then used my zipper foot on my Bernina 710 to sew along as close to the pompom edge as possible all the way around.

Next you need to have your backing ready (cut to a slightly bigger size than the front panel and zipper in)
Pin the front and back together (right sides facing in)make sure the zipper is a little open and making sure to keep the pompoms inside.  

Sew all the way around on the same line you had sewn before with a straight stitch using the zipper foot again.

I also did a zigzag stitch all the way around to stop any fraying.

Trim a little bit of the corners.

Turn you cushion cover the right way around, and make sure the corners are good and all the pompoms are sitting nicely.

Voila - One large pompom cushion

Xx Siobhan 
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