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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Working & Design

My favourite bit of all this blog/ quilt thing is getting to work with people who make great fabrics.

through out this year I have been working with the talented people from Cloth Fabric and experimenting with the Working CLOTH quilting range and here are some of the results.

Some new and exciting stuff is happening at CLOTH, a new range of quilting fabrics as well as a beautiful collaboration between Julie Patterson & Lucy Simpson - a local Sydney Indigenous designer (looking forward to making an awesome quilt with that fabric!)

The Zig Zag quilt above is in the current Down Under Quilts Magazine issue #149

I'm so very impressed with the team at Down Under Quilts! they made everything look just perfect.

It has the full pattern/ details if you would like to make it.

I think at the moment especially with these quilts, I am making the material do the talking - the design and lines of my quilts are simple. 

The larges format of the images and the colour combinations are what makes the quilts special.

Keep an eye out for more quilts & patterns with Working CLOTH Fabrics.
& please if you make anything - send me an email! I'd love to see what you do.

on another note 

I'm teaching at Calico & Ivy Balmain thursday 1st Sept, nice way to see in spring :)

and I'm off to London, Venice, Florence, Rome & Paris in a week or so......... 

Xx Siobhan

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Stuff

I heart Pottery Barn :)

I now own (bought not made) a Denyse Schmidt quilt :)

One day I'll make one  for myself .....

small quilt is one of mine - binding done today more pics later

Xx Siobhan

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fin :)

This is the last you'll see of the Lone Star for a while 

I have finally framed the lone star and I'm mid process of piecing the back.
Off to the machine quilter on monday

It was surprisingly easyish 
apart from running out of material it all went smoothly (I ended up needing about 4 meters of the blue dot to complete the pieced background)

One mistake that I didn't have the heart to fix/ undo! I cut my template with the spots going the wrong way & it was the last bit of my fabric. So I had to sew it back together and cut it the right way.......

It always happens towards the end of the night, usually a sign to stop and go to bed!

Back View

Xx Siobhan

Friday, August 26, 2011

Start to Finish

 As promised

All of the Lone Star information on one page :)

 1 - Start

7 - Half done 

Im working on the boarder at the moment, trying to work out what is going to finish it off perfectly 

Enjoy your weekend 

Xx Siobhan

Thursday, August 25, 2011

LoneStar Progress

I couldn't resist putting up a quick pick of the Lone Star.

Next I'll be working on a boarder and maybe some corner bits to nicely finish it all off ??

With the sizes of my diamonds and then the templates made for the surround the Quilt has ended up a nice size, Below is a queen size bed 

Im off to teach my friday morning class at Hobby Sew !!

I'll post later today with a list of all the Lone Star posts so far - that way if your enticed to start your own Lone Star all the links will be on one page.

Xx Siobhan

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A day in the life

I had a pleasant start to today

the kids were unusually happy and calm getting ready for school/ pre school today. 

Breakfast of scrambled eggs n toast - even time for me to froth milk and make them a hot drink.
Lunches full of good stuff (I went grocery shopping last night) and off to their respective places. Not one yell or whinge from me or them :)

and I think because they were all so lovely - I actually miss them today, It seems very quiet.

I've been pottering away running errands - One being to find truffle oil, who would think that was so hard???
and I finally picked up my much needed fabric to finish my Lone Star back ground - so expect a post soon on what next :)

whilst home I decided to start putting some more quilts on ETSY, so keep an eye out over the next day or so as I add them.

This quilt being the first to be listed.

I must be in a daze because I put my coffee down to find the measuring tape. Measuring tape found - coffee lost, I live in a small house. Things like that shouldn't happen!!

I do love this quilt - but more room must be made :)

and I know I will make other quilts - hopefully many others

Xx Siobhan

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How many hours in a quilt??

Alot more than I thought!

scrap quilts are a great way of using bits of material or mindlessly sewing away.

As an experiment I actually took note of how much time this scrappy quilt took to make.

I was most surprised

all up to this stage


thats not including making the back and binding.

I dont know about you, but that seemed a long time to me - no pattern, just straight sewing. I didn't even make any huge mistakes that I had to undo.

I'm not complaining - I really enjoyed it, I love making quilts no matter how long they take.

I just hadn't timed myself before

anyway this is my 7hr Quilt Top

Next to make - is the back 

and then off to the machine quilter

Xx Siobhan

No rules

or some but not many!

I found myself cruising the net last night, its been an age since I've made time to do it.
I rediscovered my favourite's and original motivation to quilt.

I love the idea of improvisational quilting -   the list is endless but I'll mention two that specifically inspire me. 
Thats Denyse Schmidt and the quilters of Gee's Bend, honestly the list does go on and on Looking at an era I loved the 30's 40's............ 

I'll stop there. This could have me going on a bender about all the stuff I like. 

No one wants that!

I wanted to make a quilt out of scraps and material that had been sitting around, I also had an itch to sit at my machine and mindlessly sew. 


I cut my fabric selvage to selvage in strips - no measuring just cutting away

I put them all together and this is what I have so far!

this took me about 3hrs

I've made the length right for a single bed but the width is short about 20inches.

Next I'll be cutting it into strips and adding some solid fabric to make it wide enough

I'm off to dinner!

more on this quilt and The lone star this week

Xx Siobhan

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm doing some final bits and pieces for my Zig Zag workshops at Calico & Ivy Balmain

Calico & Ivy Day Work Shop

Siobhan’s Zig Zag quilt is perfect for those who have always thought that patchwork would be great, but are a little daunted by the process.

 Siobhan will take you through the process of making this large scale quilt in a day, selecting the fabrics, cutting and beginning to piece your quilt top, leaving you with the confidence to complete the top at home. Classes are small, so you will enjoy lots of one on one time with Siobhan. Sewing machine necessary.

Thursday August 18 
10.00am - 2.00pm $75.00 (materials not included)

Thursday September 1 
10.00am - 2.00pm $75.00 (materials not included)

Still some space if your interested :)


Monday, August 15, 2011

My cup is half full.........

and my Lone Star is half finished....

I ran out of fabric................ I bought 2 meters and I need just shy of one more meter. 

Not much longer and We will be up to the next stage :)

I'm also preparing for my Zig Zag Quilt one day workshop at Calico & Ivy on thursday (thats a mouth full) more spots left for other days if you want to join me :)

Xx Siobhan

Friday, August 12, 2011

Piecing the Lone Star

Gosh what a long day!

I have had one final burst of energy 

I  made my final decision on my fabric and started cutting and piecing my bits together

As I said in a previous post I made my template longer as I wanted more space around the star before I add a boarder.

I'm going slowly - its so easy to cut wrong! 

Cut one piece at a time and sew one piece at a time, it takes a bit longer but worth it?

here I have one quarter done!

and here is the back view

Painting by - Dorothy Napangardi

maybe not the best place to hang my work in progress......

Painting by - Dorothy Napangardi

Any Questions? 

Xx Siobhan
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