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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back to working

I'm back from my travels with the family.

I love travelling and seeing new things BUT I also like getting home and having all my comforts - I'm not much of a rolling stone.

I should have written "Not a rolling stone".....

The things I do when I should be doing house work ;-/ 

This trip we went to Tasmania, Australia - absolutely beautiful and thankfully we saw snow. 

In a day or two all the kids will be back at school and I will be head down working hard on some projects and teaching a few patchwork classes around Sydney. 

This weekend I've been back in my studio for just a little bit - doing some hand stitching with lots of blue perle 8 thead. Hopefully you'll see the results of that one in print soonish. 

I'm still behind on my emails - Sorry!
I'll get around to replying etc this week when the kids are back at school :)

Take care Xx
Siobhan R

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