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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Linen whole cloth quilt

Way back after my NYC trip in September I put this quilt top together.

I was inspired after a few museum trips and I wanted to try out some whole cloth quilt type ideas.

This one was given to my Dad for Christmas :)

I'm pretty happy with it !

I have a few similar ones waiting to be quilted, this one was long arm quilted by Kim Bradley in a figure 8 pattern that she made for me awhile back, I tend to use it on most of my quilts.

This is a big quilt - pictured its on a king sized bed

the cool fluro lights in the background are from BHV in Paris - I have a few more colours too, my kids think they are giant Lightsabers.


The framed fabric work is mine 

The rug pops up all over the place - its my Fav :)If you click on the above link I have more info about it and where to buy one.

Cushions are also my own 

anyway this is one of my usual brief posts - I'm suppose to be packing for my kids, they fly to Brisbane tomorrow to stay with family and soak up the sunshine :)
I'll be joining them after new years.
Hopefully I'll get a bit of work done between now and then :)I need to organise my 2013 teaching schedule and get ahead with a few patterns 

Xx Siobhan 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summer Harvest & Summer Holidays

Last day of School for us here in Sydney!

I was in the right place at the right time and given this bounty of home grown tomatoes and herbs from the school vegetable patch.

I washed them all and they looked so good I had to take some quick pictures before they turned into Thai beef salad - which was YUM. Find the recipe here. Perfect for the warm weather, would have been better with a nice cold crisp wine but I forgot to put it in the fridge... Next time


6 weeks of Summer holidays begins tomorrow 

I have no real plans

getting through christmas is high on the list then after that its all about hanging around home, family, friends, beach & swimming!

and knowing me probably a few quilts.....

I have major editing issues - I can never chose just one picture. When I send pictures of my work to publishers I always send lots and lots of pictures and ask them to chose....
one day I'll get good at picking just one!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods 

Xx Siobhan 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Block Beauty

Here you go

This is the quilt in the latest Australian Quilters Companion, Modern Quilts Special

it should be in store in Australia soon

This Quilt is a big one - measuring 84 X 108 inches

In my picture its on a king Size Bed,
in the magazine its on a queen size bed.
This is a re sized big version of an old block - the Courthouse steps

Its a great pattern for using up all your bits n pieces of your stash or even finally making that quilt out of your old favourite dresses and vintage fabrics. 

My Quilt is very bright and bold using a different colour for every block and for the neutrals I have used variations of white with grey text/ print.

If your looking for Text print fabrics or plain neutral backgrounds - I have some in my Spoonflower store.

So many variations are possible with this pattern!

the magazine also has a 4 page story about me and pictures of other quilts I have made :) 

the lovely quilt on the cover is by Cathy Underhill from Mt Martha Victoria, Australia.

The other projects are by
Brenda Gael Smith
Jenny Pedigo
Cynthia Muir
Jen Carlton Bailly
Charlotte Dumesny
Bill Kerr & Weeks Ringle

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Xx Siobhan 

Friday, December 14, 2012

stop to smell the roses

Gosh time flies!

I made this quilt back in June this year for a Modern Quilts special for Australian Quilters Companion.....

and finally today it landed in my letter box!

Thanks Claire (Editor) :))) 

the magazine should hit the shelves during the next week or so - its worth a look and I have some very fine company :) 

 I read a newsletter recently by Denise Schmidt and she talked about taking a second to congratulate yourself and note all your achievements in 2012, she noted that life and work can be a whirl wind and we need to take the time and be still to think of all we have done. 
Its funny because of the type of stuff I do I can often forget to stop and appreciate my work - I'm usually too busy chasing or trying to finish the next "thing" and I mostly work 6-12 months ahead of anything going to print. I love what I do and I am incredibly lucky that I get my work published.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, makes my quilt patterns, takes my patchwork classes and sends me emails.

It means so very much to me and keeps me going in the work that I love.

Tomorrow I'll try to get a few better pics of the Quilt in the Magazine article and get some links up!

Here's to a very interesting next twelve months :)))

Xx Siobhan

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

quilting, photo shoots & markets

A few quick pics

I've had a couple of busy days finishing and starting projects and then today I had an Australian Quilting Magazine at my house photographing for a up coming publication, very interesting and lots of fun.The Mag will be on sale in 3 or so months time - no doubt I'll be showing you when its out ;-)

Prior to all of that on the weekend I went to the Finders Keepers Markets and saw some familiar faces selling lovely things.

The screen printed Owl is one of Kristen Doran's. I saw it at the Finders keepers Market and had to buy it - Too cute!

I'm teaming it up with my Text fabric and some light denim. Not sure exactly what I'm doing just knew how I wanted to start it! I'll keep you posted.....

all the above fabrics are available to buy in my Spoonflower shop

and this lovely screen printed fabric is from Leslie of Maze & Vale - the flowers I scored from the photo shoot

I'm loving Purple and Green at the moment!
My garden is full of it

I really need to look for some fabric combinations that are similar .....


I'm off to enjoy a Chai Latte and some peace and quiet :)

Xx Siobhan 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deck the Halls

I'm in Decorating mode - Finally

I'm still not very organised but slowly slowly things are happening

I'm attempting to work out my Christmas cards etc - Lets see how I go and If I have time to print them and send them .....

Time is not on my side!

especially when I add up all the things to do on my list

On a more interesting note - most mornings we have had a knock at the door delivering something I or some one else in the house has ordered late at night online - today was an order of Apothecary candles that I ordered on the sale site Temple & Webster. Absolute bargain. 

I love these candles and they look and smell divine. I think I'll be right for candles for a while.... 

I should be giving them as gifts - but they are hard to find and I really like them!

Here is proof I am actually doing Quilt work too!

Hopefully I'll have it done and it will be live soonish - I've been asked to do some online tutorials for a online craft resource....

Its all a bit top secret like most things in the publishing Biz.


Look out for the Australian Quilters Companion who have a Modern Quilts Special coming out mid December 2012 - I have some stuff in it. 

I'm off to untangle Christmas lights

Xx Siobhan 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pantone Colour of the Year 2013

Emerald (17-5641)

Its actually a colour I like!

Coincidently my previous blog post is lots of pictures with an array of greens - I've always liked a good blue or green

It'll be interesting to see what new fabrics come out and how it will be used.

Lets keep our eyes peeled and I'm off to check my fabrics and see what I already have 

Xx Siobhan 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its a disease......

last week I was helping out with my eldest boys high school cookbook publication - I was admiring the stylists amazing collection of linens, lace & props.

She declared that it was a disease!
I knew exactly what she meant....

when you collect things - its never ending.
I love so many things - fabric, art, ceramics, nature. The list is never ending and I'm always re arranging stuff all over the house.

Its funny how we all acquire bits and pieces, every piece has a story.

What do you collect?

I'm a bit rusty with my photography skills or lazy - not sure which one!
I've decided to put in a bit more effort & I've been practicing today! 

plates pictured here are from Anthropologie & the bowl is an oldie from my collection

The Geodes are from FAO in NYC 

The large vase is from Summer Florals

twine is from Murobond &
twigs painted by my Ms 10

Cross is from Shades of Pale

I'm off to do some quilty work 

Hope you all have a wonderful week

Xx Siobhan 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sydney Spring time with Linen & Liberty

Big week here
Its getting to that crazy time of year, school is wrapping up and lots of parties & gatherings.

 The weather has been perfect for my flowers. I've had a bumper crop of roses and now the hydrangeas and gardenias are out. 
The star jasmine is in full bloom and the Jacarandas in Sydney look amazing. Stone fruits, mangos and watermelon are making their way into fruit shops - Its a Beautiful time of year. 

I finally received my wooden star buttons and they are now on the liberty triangles and finally look like trees!
Original post and tutorial back here

I still have a comp going over HERE to win a Liberty of London scrap packet of 2.5 inch squares & I might even throw in some of my scraps too.

Im having so much fun with all the spring time lovely-ness. 

 I still want to add the date and maybe some more wooden buttons - I'll see how I go

I've baked several more batches of my flourless chocolate cakes - life saver recipe. Incredibly easy just melt, mix and bake.

I'm off to the local school spring fair - pretty sure I'll be taking pics on Instagram @beaspokequilts

Have a lovely Weekend

Xx Siobhan

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Liberty Scrap Challenge - Christmas Special

I was told today that it is 6 weeks till christmas!!

The next two months are going to be incredibly busy & I'm so glad Nova asked me to do this challenge because its gotten me all christmassy and crafty just a little bit before the mayhem starts.

This year for a change I might actually get all the stuff I want to do done & on time! Thanks Nova :)

I have watched Nova & Jo's Liberty Scrap challenge and loved it. I love Liberty of London fabrics and use it alot - a little goes a long way. 

I was very excited to be asked to participate in the Christmas 2012 special. Thanks Guys! and I look forward to seeing what the other challengers have made

have a look at Nova from A Cuppa and a Catch up to see what else has been made this year & what other Liberty Christmassy things have been made.

and Jo from A Life in Lists
who has supplied the Liberty Fabrics from her etsy shop.
If your after the mini scrap pack take a look at The Organic Stitch Co etsy store.

Find out below how you can win a Liberty Scrap pack 

My Liberty scrap pack from Jo contained a pile of 2.5 inch squares and I also received a fat eighth remnant of Liberty fabric.

I added in some natural linen and white gauze to begin with.

I cut some linen into 2.5 inch squares & then cut the linen and liberty squares in half to form Half Square Triangles.
The Linen squares for the outer edge of the tree block are 2 1/8th inch square. The white gauze fabric is for the tree pot.

The top picture is all of the liberty that I received in my package. I decided to go a little bit bigger and added in some of my own pink paisley Liberty Scraps from previous projects here & here.

Once the patchwork top was all together and basted I sketched my text on - that I wanted to embroider. I decided on Merry Christmas in French & names.
Our house is currently all things french - My father spends a fair bit of time over in Paris and my eldest is studying french in high school. French seemed a bit cute - I contemplated Gaelic considering thats my heritage and my father can actually speak and read Gaelic. but French won.

I also have a thing for names - when I was a child growing up in Australia, no one was called Siobhan and no one had key rings/cups/ notebooks etc with my name on it!
I was so jealous of the Kylie's and Rebecca's of the time. They had names on everything....

I wanted the panel to look very rustic & naive.  

In another project I recently did I made a boarder with curved tabs, I wanted to do something similar with this one.
I cut 4 inch squares of linen & Liberty fabrics and then cut them in half  to make HST. They were sewn together on three sides right sides facing together. I then turned them inside out and ironed them flat.

The tabs were then sewn onto the patchwork front with a 1/4 inch seam - with the liberty print facing the patchwork top.

To finish the patchwork panel
 I wanted to use a no binding quilt method

this entails putting the backing fabric down with right sides facing together and sewing 1/4 inch seam all the way around - leaving a hole big enough to put your hand through. Similar to making a cushion or pillow cover.
I then pulled the fabric through the hole and ironed it flat. stitch up the hole by hand.

I'm waiting on some wooden star buttons to put on the top of my Tree's - they will probably arrive the second I hit publish on my post...

I also want to embroider the year on the bottom corner. I like the idea of making things that my kids will treasure in many years to come. I love having my mums christmas boxes full to the brim with christmas treasures.

Last year for Christmas I made the kids some Stockings and star ornaments with Liberty & Linen.

I'll post a picture when I have the wooden star buttons on the tree! 

and the Lovely Jo has offered a mini scrap pack of Liberty to one of my lucky blog readers.

Make a comment
I'd love to know what you make for christmas - Food/ craft/ presents ? 

 and I will pick some one at random - when you comment please make sure I have your email address!  

Xx Siobhan 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

bit of Baking - Flourless Chocolate cakes :)


It's that time of year where I seem to be constantly baking something - kids stuff - family stuff - school stuff and it will keep going till just around new year. 

I've made this batch of cakes several times over the last few weeks - its the easiest fool proof recipe I know and it tastes delicious.

Today I feed 6 teen boys lunch and this was the requested dessert.


Over the years its been adapted from several recipes.
This is my version. You will find lots of different versions all over the place 

This mixture will make 24 individual cakes


180g salted butter
300g good quality dark eating chocolate
1 1/4 cups of raw caster sugar
100g hazelnut meal
1 cup cocoa powder
5 large eggs

Preheat the oven to 150c. 
Place the sugar, chocolate and butter in a saucepan over a low heat and gently melt until smooth.
In a mixing bowl place the almond meal and cocoa.
Add the cooled chocolate mixture to the dry ingredients and beat to combine.
Add the eggs one at a time whilst the beater is going and mix each egg in well (the mixture will be warm and you don't want the eggs to cook).
Once all the eggs have been beaten into the chocolate mixture you will have a glossy stiff mixture, using a table spoon - spoon the mixture into your muffin pan.

I recommend using a patty case or baking paper in your muffin trays as I have done for the photos.

Bake for 25 minutes

The serving size is on the small size as the cakes are incredibly rich!!

Serve with Clotted cream and fresh raspberries

Enjoy Xx Siobhan 

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